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Summer camp April and May 2018 Dancing is so much fun for kids. It allows them to stay active in a fun and exciting way. All the while, your child develops important social and emotional skills without even realizing it. This is perhaps the greatest benefit apart from the many other benefits dance can have on children. Be sure to enrol your little ones into the coolest and funnest summer camp this season! For more information and registration please contact Periwinkle Preschool @ ‭+91 99000 23570‬
Summer camp April 2018 Bowling is a great way to teach kids how to be competitive without aggression. They can learn to use other parts of their bodies to improve their game such as their social, visual and motor skills. That’s the secret to bowling. This isn’t just a sport for the elderly; it’s a game that will help your child develop throughout their life. Here at the Periwinkle Summer camp this is just one of the many fun activities that engage children. To enrol your little one into the funnest summer camp this season please contact Periwinkle Preschool @ ‭+91 99000 23570‬
Summer camp April and May 2018 Outdoor Activity isn’t just fun, but beneficial in a multitude of ways, for starters it improves your child’s cardiovascular strength, it makes them more social and competitive in a good way. So encourage your child to get off that couch and go out to explore and play more, and when there’s company there’s nothing more exciting for a child than that!!!! Come bring your child to Periwinkle Preschool’s summer camp this season and see them shine! For more information and registrations please contact Periwinkle Preschool @ ‭+91 99000 23570‬