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Happy Playgroup children at Periwinkle Preschool and Daycare, Srinagar & BSK 2nd stage. Not even a week since the preschool has begun for the current Academic year, Playgroup kids have begun to love their schooling at Periwinkle Preschool and Daycare at both our branches BSK 2nd stage and Srinagar
Admissions for hobby classes Evening hobby classes for drawing , chess , dance and music for kids from 3 years onwards.
Periwinkle Preschools Bangalore Creativity at its best!!!! - In the process of counting and colouring 8 eggs by a 3 year old:-)
Enjoying the writing activity at Periwinkle Preschools For more info visit us at
Happy times at Periwinkle Preschools😊😊😊 For more info visit us at